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Top 5 Ways to Increase Mobile App Reviews

The first question arises here is that, “Why App reviews are important?” The answer is that the app reviews are important to increase mobile app downloads that make your app popular and famous in users. In today’s busy life (where too many apps available to download), many users first read app reviews, if reviews are positive then they decide to download. In review or feedback, section users share their app experience after download. So we can say that many users download an app because of positive reviews or lot of reviews. Now take a look at these 5 ways to increase mobile app reviews to increase mobile app downloads.

1. Easy Review Entry: Easy review entry means it should be very quick and easy for users to enter an app review. The life is busy today that’s why users like shortcuts to save time. Provide a quick and easy option to rate and review an app.

2. App Review Plugin: A quick and easy way to get app reviews from users by “App Review Plugin” and then use it in your app. This plugin provides an interface for users to rate and review an app. Here you should be careful while using this plugin because if you set to show review interface on every time when user run an app. This will irritate users too much and they will decide to uninstall app with bad reviews. So set to show display review interface after the user has done some task in your app. There should a rate button or option inside your app.

3. Wrong Time to Ask Review: It means that many app developers do a mistake to ask for review too early when the user first runs the app. This is a big mistake, don’t do it, don’t irritate users, hold on giving the user some time to finish a task in-app and then ask to review our app.

4. Start a Challenge: This is a smart technique to get reviews from users to start a challenge on any popular blog or forum and winner of the challenge will get a free prize delivered by PayPal or any other service. For this, you simply choose a valuable prize for the winner. This will encourage users to leave reviews to get a free prize. The winner will select randomly.

5. Provide Customer Service: This is a great way to increase mobile app reviews to integrate “Helpshift” into your app to communicate directly with your users by instant message window.And you can do app review exchange with other users through social websites.

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