The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Your Apps Reviews and Download

There are millions of apps on Google Play Store and Apple play store. There is so much competition and it is very difficult for a developer to rank their apps on play stores. The ASO is the technique that allows the developer to rank their apps on the top of play stores. And they get organic traffic for their apps or games. There are few main features to optimized your apps easily

1. App Icon – the icon is the first feature of the app which user browsing in play store. If you impress the user on the first step then you will get more reviews and downloads for your apps or games. So your app will be perfectly designed. It is also important that the app logo is best one and it contains the title name of the app. On this way, the user quickly understands that what the app offer.

2. The App Title - the title is very important for the app. You will keep the unique title of your apps or games. And you also keep the keyword in your title which quickly ranks on the Play stores. And your title must contain 50 characters.

3. Social Network – this is also an important step in-app marketing because you will get more traffic for your apps and will get more downloads. On this social network, you can join App Review Exchange or app promotion groups which help your app on the top ranking of play store. This is very easy way to boost your app on the play store.

4. Forum – this is important for an app promotion. In the forum, you can discuss with people about your apps or games. If your app has good function and feature then you will get more reviews and downloads from different forum discussion.

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