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How Reviewlancer Helps In Boosting App Ranking

One useful source reveals that most of the app users need to discover our app rating and reviews websites. Some app reviewing sites charge some amount to provide a review, while others review without any charge. One of these websites is, as it provides high-quality app reviews that help the users to get what they require.
The major function of smartphones is to provide ‘value to its users’, it may be in the form of entertainment or any other similar kind. The number of activities we do on our smartphone is always increasing, it means that we use smart devices with greater frequency. It is not a hidden fact that a normal person spends 2 hours, 41 minutes in a day using mobile phone apps. 
How Reviewlancer helps in boosting your app?
App reviews come as a handy instrument for doing mobile marketing. As a startup, you should make users review your app, leave their feedback and honest opinions. Sometimes, it becomes hard to get effective feedback for your new product. 
App developers accomplish two goals when their app reviewed on Reviewlancer.
First- brand awareness: increase your app brand awareness as your app is unknown during its initial stages and requires a lot of publicity to get more downloads. Brand credibility is everything, as it attracts more users to download the app. Good app reviews will notify potential users to create a brand awareness. 
To make your brand more visible, comments and reviews can become a great key to success. Mobile app developers have the idea how app reviews can bring their brand at the top. Good reviews expand your product up to 85%.
Second- Mobile Play Store Rankings:
Reviewlancer helps your app to be ranked higher on Mobile Play Store. The website has got the potential to bring you, loyal users. More app installation means ‘more credibility so that you will get greater social visibility’ which in return provides higher search rankings.
Summing up:
A mobile app developer will get a bonus when his app got reviewed on Reviewlancer, a genuine feedback that will surely tell you what’s the main difference between high and low-quality apps? provides global app store rating service for free iOS or Android apps, promoting your apps to #1 ranking. 
Buy 5-star ratings and maximize your Return on Investment now. So get app reviews made by real users. Also, it guarantees following all rules of Store.

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