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How Does Reviewlancer Work

You need to login first to use our services. Registered users can easily access their account, just by the simple login. Those who are not registered, have to create a new account. Go to and click sign up a tab. When you first create your account, you will be signed in automatically. 

Platform: offers a platform for both Android and IOS developers to exchange reviews among the user community. We take all necessary precautions to gain honest reviews that are to be exchanged. As an experienced company, we will offer you 100% genuine reviews that apps deserve. 

The number Of Reviews Needed:
We provide you the facility to set the number of reviews you need for your app manually.
Required Stars:
It is obvious that the better the stars the more likely it is for a mobile app to top the charts on mobile app stores. You can easily set the number of required stars for your app.

To better your search rankings, you need to know which keywords are relevant to your target audience. Add some keywords so that people can search easily on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Maximum Reviews Per Day:
Set ‘maximum reviews per day’ to get the required comments/reviews per day on mobile app stores.

How To get Reviews?
There are two ways to get reviews:
•    Review exchange
•    Pay per review

Review Exchange:

We have created an easy process for our developers to get reviews just by exchanging them with other developers. 
1)    To start the review exchange system, you need to have some points like for 100 reviews you must have 100 points on your balance.
2)    So, how to get the points? You just need to review other’s apps. It’s simple as for one review you’ll get one point and vice versa. 
3)    There’s a proper procedure to submit the reviews, firstly choose your app’s platform (Android or IOS), then click the tab submit the review (link). You are then required to submit two screenshots, first is the installed app on your smartphone and the other is the written review of the app.You need minimum 5 stars for the approval of your review.
4)    You will lose one point when another user reviews one of your apps. 
Pay Per Review:
Finding exchange review system difficult, so just used our paid review system in which you just need to pay the amount via PayPal, rest of the work is done by the developers. Most of us find it harder to review others, as most of us aren’t skillful enough to give reviews in a more convenient way. 
*You can set per review cost, minimum per review cost is 0.5$.

Link To The App:
At last, you are required to add the link to your app.

Things to consider:

Dispute System:
In case your review is rejected by the user, then you have the authority to appeal for it within seven days, this overall process is called “dispute system”. In this system, we look the circumstances, and on the basis of the analysis, we decide who the guilty party is.

Points To Remember:
•    We will deduct 20% as a deduction for provided services and PayPal fee.
•    Your balance must have minimum 10$ and maximum 500$.
•    You can accept/reject review your app within 3 days otherwise, it will get auto-accepted.
•    To withdraw money, you must have a minimum balance of 20$.
•    Currently, we are only using PayPal.


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