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Beware Your App Can Be Banned From Play Store

Your mobile device has quickly become the easiest portal into your digital self- Phil Nickinson. The smartphone is the smartest invention that has brought us new forms of media. 
The other important thing is the review. You can easily find some of the best-paid review website services which will provide you genuine reviews. It is also important to look at the list of apps that have been banned from the mobile app stores. Google and Apple have maintained an extensive set of guidelines that app developers can list in the mobile app stores. 
Mobile app stores have blocked their apps for a number of reasons. One of the reasons for banning apps is that they are offensive. Given are some of the reasons why most apps have been banned from the mobile app stores.
Offensive content:
Over the past few years, Mobile app stores have banned a large number of apps that have violated the guidelines. I remember an app has been banned that enabled users to make annoying posts. Recently, 
Tech Giant Apple has banned a game ‘Pepe Scream’. The app is basically a new version of Flappy Bird that requires screaming into your phone’s mic. 
Another app, Rich Kids has been banned by Apple because of its inappropriate content. It is basically a social networking website where can view photos, but can’t post photos. You have to pay 1,000 euro per month to post any content. 
Apple has also banned ‘Baby Shaker’ in which users shake a baby using their smartphone. The idea has been considered offensive by most child welfare organizations. 
Religious sentiments:
Mobile app stores have banned game named ‘Fight of Gods’ as it is a game where deities from Jesus to Odin punch each other. Malaysia was the first country that has banned the game, stating “(To ensure) solidarity, harmony and wellbeing of the multi-racial and multi-religious people in the country are the main objectives of the government,” he said. “The government will not compromise with any action that can jeopardize these objectives.”
Tracking of drone strikes:
Mobile app stores have banned apps that contain information related to air drone strikes. Drone app has been banned as it presented drone locations on the map. Another app named Metadata has been banned by the mobile app stores as it sends notifications when there was a U.S drone strike. 
Privacy issues:
A lot of apps have been banned that have raised privacy issues, one of the apps is Ludo Star a famous app that has taken the whole world like a storm. According to the sources, the app has been blocked as it has violated the Terms and Conditions of the Play store policies.
Personal information:
Mobile app stores have strict policies over user data. Recently, some mobile applications were banned as they demand users’ personal information. This is a violation of our security and privacy guidelines. Google sources.
Another reason for banning apps is the installation of root certificate that enabled app developers to view users encrypted traffic. To get more app downloads, always use the services of paid review website’that offers genuine result.
Illegal music and movies:
Mobile app stores have banned such apps that enable users to download illegal files from a third party file sharing source. 
Rewards for viewing ads:
Mobile app stores have banned apps that reward users for viewing ads. Such games have begun seeing rejections from the mobile app stores staff.
Let’s come to conclusion:
Making a mobile application is no doubt a difficult task, but it is more important to keep it safe. Be aware of all the app guidelines and policies, so that you won’t get banned. Don’t try to fool people, don’t ask them for money, don’t allow illegal data, and don’t hurt any religious sentiments. 
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