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Get Free & Unlimited Reviews to your Mobile Apps

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1: Sign Up
After sign up you will get an email to verify your account.
2: Add your apps
Add free Android and IOS applications to reviewlancer.
3: Review Application
Review different users’ apps, so you may enable to receive reviews from different community members.
4: Get your apps reviewed
Get unlimited reviews for your app therefore you will increase the downloads and financial gain.

How it works?

In reviews Exchange you’ll be able to get a 100% real
reviews for your apps terribly easily.

In order to urge your apps reviewed, you have to review other user’s apps initially. Once you have done this, you may get one point.

To submit a review properly, you would like to require a screenshot of it and submit it to the platform. Once you post the screenshot, you will get one point.

When another user reviews one of your apps, you will lose one point.

Given Reviews

Platforms we are covering currently:

As of these days, you’ll add and review apps for iOS and Android. You’ll review apps of any of those two platforms and use the obtained points to urge a lot of reviews for your apps, regardless of what the platform is.


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